Beverage Packaging in Raleigh – Durham


Beverage Packaging for Wine, Beer & Spirits

The beverage market is highly competitive. You don’t want to take chances with your packaging. Beverage packaging creation experience is of utmost importance. Stephen Gould has decades of experience in beverage packaging. We’ve worked with unique and exceptional brewers, vintners and distillers of all types and sizes.
When it comes to packaging your beverage, there are several possible layers to be aware of. Primarily, what will be your Product Packaging? Product Packaging in the case of beverages refers to the actual container that the beverage is housed in. Will your Product Packaging be a bottle or a can? Secondarily, what are the components needed in the Inner Packaging? The Inner Packaging will be the type of packaging that keeps your Product Packaging secure. Will you need eco-friendly plastic rings? Will you need recyclable paperfoam to prevent bottles and cans from coming into contact with each other or other potential hazards? Lastly, what does your brand portray to your potential customer? When making choices about customer experience, Outer Packaging should be your primary focus. Outer Packaging will communicate your brand identity, but possibly also varieties of the beverages included in your beverage offering.

Basics of Beverage Packaging Preparation

Make sure you know the answers to these questions to help you find out what types of packaging are right for you.

  1. What is your beverage? For example, is it carbonated?
  2. Who is your target customer? For example, will this be marketed to those of legal drinking age?
  3. How are your customers going to find your beverage? For example, will it be sold in bulk cartons, in a soda fountain, or single-serve?

Your Beverage is Unique

You have a viable product and you want the world to know about your beverage and enjoy it as much as you do. How can you best communicate the message that your beverage needs to speak to your potential customers? While unique bottle shape, label shape, or carton shape can make your product stand out, remember that these can also be a barrier to entry. Standardized shapes cost cheaper because they are able to be easily scaled, but they may not allow your product to stand out on the shelf. Weigh your options and choose what works best for your brand message. At Stephen Gould, our years of experience in the beverage packaging industry can help you decide what type of packaging is right for you.

Making Your Beverage Packaging a Reality

In order to see your product on a shelf, there are some basic steps that will need to be taken. First, you will need a beverage packaging design. Stephen Gould has a team of designers that can bring your design to life digitally before taking it to a manufacturer and or printer. Our designers can help you make sure that the most important information that your customers need to know is presented within your brand guidelines on your beverage packaging. Next, once your design has been finalized, our manufacturing team can help your package go from your idea to the real world.

Wine Labels and Packaging

Wine creates an engaging connection with its consumer. Drinking wine creates a powerful experience with all the senses while connecting the consumer with the story behind the wine, it’s vintage, location and history of the winery.

A great label must convey as much of this experience as possible before the wine is even opened.

At Stephen Gould, we love working with wineries to develop their labeling. It’s a powerfully creative and popular market, and there are so many amazing options to choose from. Whether you’re an up-and-coming vintner or an established brand, we can do incredible things for, and with you. We will help tell your story with label design, including unusual papers and foils, creative and durable inks and engaging textures.

We have a deep knowledge of TBB regulations and know how to make sure your labels are compliant. We’ll also help you reduce costs with label application, packing labels and inventory marking and labeling that smooths out the production and sales process.

You can count on us for labels of uncompromising quality that are tough enough for condensation and moisture, temperature changes moving in and out of wine coolers and storage, and physical handling throughout shipping, storage, display and consumption.

Let us help you create the perfect pairing for your wine! Whether your wine is only found in specialty wine shops or on the grocery store shelf next to hundreds of other brands, a Stephen Gould wine label and marking solution will grab attention and reinforce your brand with a powerful experience right on the bottle.

Beer Labels and Packaging

Some of the best, most powerful and intriguing brands in existence are breweries. From small craft brewers to high-production brands, their labels are some of the funniest, most clever and most recognizable labels you’ll find anywhere.

We offer the full range of services for beer labeling. We can consult with you about bottles, cans, label materials and inks, durability, production date marking and so on. But the most fun is helping you create the design for your label. It’s a very competitive market, as you know, and your name and label mean everything.

That’s why it is important to involve Stephen Gould early on in your project. Beer label design is such a popular thing that you can find online label design websites, pre-made templates you fill in with your name and an endless source of inspiration from other brands. But there are considerations you must take into account to have a successful label. Talk to us before you make a move. You’ll be glad you did.

Labels and Packaging for Spirits

More brands are flooding the market, making the competition steep. More thought is put into a decision before a consumer selects a brand and the bartender pours a drink. That decision, whether with a bartender or silently to yourself, demonstrates a relationship with a brand that is reinforced by that brand’s label.

We create the experience for those relationships to develop – substrates, inks, processes and coatings perfectly matched to tell the story behind your brand. Yes, there is a lot of competition out there for what you produce. But there are also many people looking for exactly what you offer.

Together with Stephen Gould, we will get your beautifully-labeled spirits into the right hands so your customers can enjoy the fruits of your labor. We understand many of the challenges you face and we’re excited to partner with you to take some worries off your mind.

Types of Labels for Wine, Beer and Spirits

Labels for beverages need to be able to endure a lot. The great news is, we have a lot of experience working with beverage packaging and labels. From embossed labels for fine wines and high-end spirits to waterproof labels for beer bottles and wine coolers, we have done it all. It is never an ordinary experience with us. Each new beverage is another opportunity to do something outstanding together.

There are great options to help your product stand out such as a two-sided label for clear beverages, hang tags and collars for a really unique and high-class look, die cut labels and many more options available to you. We are committed to help change the process from a source of stress to a point of pleasure.