Incense Cones Product Development

Product Development in Raleigh – Durham

Thanks to our over 75 years of manufacturing experience in the product and packaging industry, we at Stephen Gould know precisely what makes a product work. We help businesses and entrepreneurs design, develop and commercialize their products, and we will work with you at every step of the product development process: from prototyping, to manufacturing and promotion.

Through rigorous research and innovative design, we can bring new business models, products, services and solutions to the market. We specialize in licensed goods, toys, household products, housewares, cosmetics, cut and sew, food/beverage, electronics/sub-assembly, and more.  We work with our clients to ensure each product we develop will help you create a stronger brand identity.

Our expert team anticipates your clients’ needs and wants and helps you come up with a product line that will sweep them off their feet. Achieve market-leading revenue and start growing your business with product development from Stephen Gould today!